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The rate of the Faroese corporation tax is only 18 per cent. Registering a company in the Faroe Islands is swift and straightforward. At the Company Advisory and Investment Centre we offer a range of services and we are always happy to respond to any queries you may have about investing in the Faroes.


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The Faroe Islands offer an attractive environment for investors interested in maritime related industries in the North Atlantic. Our unique marine environment along with our vast experience and expertise within these areas make the Faroe Islands a natural choice for investors and entrepreneurs in the maritime industries. 

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RÆST 2015
Research Park iNOVA and “Invest in the Faroes” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) will host a food conference focusing on the Faroese cuisine, fermented foods and the fermentation process.
A shrewd decision by national and local governments to share costs of dictionaries provided by has made the service immediately available for, literally, everyone. As a result, dictionary use has doubled in the past couple of weeks.
Decreasing unemployment, increasing population, increasing wages, lower prices and a growing GDP indicate that the Faroese economy is on the right track, according to Statistics Faroe Islands. The biggest challenge is the ongoing deficit in the exchequer and a migrating workforce.

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