Marine research & development


In the Faroes, there is a focus on energy-saving and clean technology to develop more sustainable and competitive industries and there is great potential for future innovation on and around the islands.

Because of our outstanding infrastructure, governmental structures, our people as well as our natural resources, the Faroe Islands are ideal for developing green technology and other renewable energy forms.

Photo: Ingi Sørensen

Research & development within the maritime industries is state-of-the-art and internationally recognised. The Faroes have research stations as well as industry and educational institutions placed on the islands. These conduct research within areas such as fishery biology and marine zoology, oceanography, equipment technology, substratum, and public and occupational health to name a few.

Read more about maritime related research and development on the websites of the Faroe Marine Research Institute, the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes, and the Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate.

Also you may find it insightful to consult the website of the The Faroese Food- and Veterinary Agency and The Faroese Research Council.

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